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Stephen Forsey: The work of pioneers, such as John Harrison and others, has been, and continues to be, an inspiration to push Robert Greubel’s and my work ever further. This is why we created Greubel Forsey: to pursue mechanical timekeeping performance.

What I did find easy on the Michael Bastian MB Chronowing was looking at incoming messages and cycling through them. Doing so simply discards them from the counter of alerts on the smartwatch, but doesn't affect anything on the phone itself. That means your e-mails and texts will remain "unread." In fact, I will say that basic navigation via the three buttons on the Chronowing case is pretty good, once you understand how it works. The upper and lower buttons are mostly for scrolling through screens or messages, while the middle button is for selecting something, or being pressed down to go back or to the home screen.

The HUB 8001 movement is very nice to look at and feels its value, with modern yet traditional finishing and a lot of interesting things to look at. When people complain to me that Hublot is just a high-end fashion brand, I share with them stuff like this. Sure it doesn't make Hublot suddenly conservative and justified in its many sometimes spurious relationships, but it does show a more "watch nerd friendly" side to the brand.

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CB: While there are many watches that I admire, I tend not to wear other brands - so why buy them? Today, I only wear my RED8 product, and now my RED8USA. I love the idea that one can be so cool, "in," and not wear a fortune on your wrist.

Although not closely linked to this particular model, we will mention here that along with this new limited edition, Seiko has also announced six new, non-limited versions of the Astron Solar GPS Chronograph, as seen on the picture above. Two feature titanium cases with crocodile leather straps, three are in stainless steel with bracelets that feature ceramic inserts, and the last addition is in full stainless steel. This clearly indicates Seiko's commitment to the Astron technology, as they try to create as many different versions as possible to meet diverse tastes and expectations around the world.

I'll have to speak with HYT CEO Vincent Perriard on what it is about skulls that make them so popular for luxury watches. Skull-themed tourbillons are becoming popular from brands such as Richard Mille and Hublot (among others). Now, HYT has entered the skull watch game with something that adds a bit extra technical pizazz to the normally morbid theme. The first step was to create a skull outline using HYT's exclusive liquid hour indication "capillary" system. Rather than fully round, the liquid tube frames the skull on the dial and is the primary way you read the time. According to HYT, the delicate bending of the thin glass tube was a particular engineering challenge.

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Former Hublot CEO, and still "godfather" of the brand Jean-Claude Biver made an appearance here in LA and we once again sat together to speak about Hublot, Ferrari, and the watch business. In the link to the 2012 article, you'll see a video interview with Mr. Biver that discusses the Ferrari & Hublot watches and relationship. Jean-Claude Biver is the person responsible for the Ferrari partnership and has confirmed, once again, that Ferrari is extremely happy with the ongoing relationship, and that the two companies have signed for another five years of working together. Allow me to clarify that Hublot is the official watchmaking partner of Ferrari for all of their events and for the brand. That means Hublot has the opportunity to participate with Ferrari whether it has a new car launch, race, collector event, or anything else. Hence, Hublot's production of a limited edition watch for the Italian car maker's 60th anniversary of being present in the American market since 1954.

ABTW: You must have been exposed to quite a variety of watches there - what was your first grail watch?

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According to Swatch, the fashion world now claims that gold is the new black. So the dial is a "glittery golden snowball," and the strap hosts more traditional small white snowballs falling against a "romantic sparkly sky." That's all fine, but what's odd is that this reference is listed as "SUOZ709S HOLIDAY TWIST Model: New Gent." Yep, this is a gentlemen's watch. Since Swatch makes a lot of  unisex watches, maybe they just wanted to avoid calling this a ladies model, and thereby driving off male customers. Or since Swatch doesn't list the size, perhaps it's sized for a masculine wrist, and that explains the "New Gent" label. But with the sparkly gold on the dial and in the transparent silicone  strap, I can see this watch delighting more ladies than gents. Then again, maybe I'm just a watch Scrooge who prefers alligator straps and metal cases. Perhaps Tiny Tim can lighten me up a bit this holiday season and help me embrace my silicone side.

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Swatch Holiday Twist - Special Packaging

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So, what sort of watch do you create for a man such as this? Well, you start off with one of one their classic styles (the Islandus), and then you do some rather spectacular upgrades. For instance, take a look at the dial. The dial is made of solid Sterling Silver which has a hand-Guilloche pattern applied, over which an antiqued gold finish is lain. On top of that? Golden Roman numerals, of course.

The Bauhaus school of design began life as an art school in Germany in 1919, but went on to influence all the arts, architecture, typography, and industrial design for decades. Bauhaus is recognizable by the absence of ornamentation, and the form and function of an object working together seamlessly.

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We have covered the smart watch segment with some regularity here. What is sometimes overlooked, however, is that these watches fit into an even larger segment that is commonly referred to as wearable tech or, in other words, bits of tech that are designed to be worn on our person. Fitness trackers also fall into this category, and the watch we have for you today is, in fact, a fitness tracker in a watch format: enter the Wellograph fitness smartwatch.

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Omega Speedmaster Panda

ABTW: When did your fascination with watches start?

2014’s Best Watch Tribute To A Jazz Legend: Oris John Coltrane Limited Edition Review Wrist Time Reviews

One of the first major "list" articles on aBlogtoWatch was the top watches to help you survive on a deserted island, which was published all the way back in 2007. While there have been lots of new watches since then, the principles set forth in the article remain the same. In 2013, we did a follow-up with a list of the top 10 watches to help you survive a zombie apocalypse. As the zombie-genre is incredibly popular now, it isn't a surprise that this piece is in the top 10 most popular on aBlogtoWatch this year.

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Inside the Parmigaini Bugatti Mythe is the in-house made caliber PF370 manually wound movement with 10 days of power reserve and 314 parts. It operates at 3Hz, and is pretty fascinating to observe in the case. The case wears more comfortably than you might imagine, but is nevertheless an oddity given its sideways reading style and unique design. For the Bugatti Mythe Parmigiani has produced the case in 18k rose gold with some black sections in ruthenium. The case is 32.4mm wide, 52.5mm long, and 18.6mm tall off the wrist.

Giuliano Mazzuoli Carrara Watches Review Wrist Time Reviews

Olivier Audemars: My pleasure. I wish you a great evening.

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In the watch industry, Swatch watches are also seen as one of the few timepieces you can wear to any brand that they won't get upset about despite it being one of their watches. No, Swiss watch makers aren't at all competitive... Those who don't know might also find it interesting that in order to not look as though he is favoring one brand or another, Swatch Group Chairman Nicolas Hayek almost exclusively wears Swatch watches (often one on each wrist) while making public appearances and during major watch industry events such as Baselworld.

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Coffee-table format in size and 324 pages long, I hope you enjoy the many pictures and insights included in The World's Most Expensive Watches. Further, while I understand that more editions will be available soon, The World's Most Expensive Watches is currently available in both English and French language options. I sincerely hope you enjoy it for yourself as watch lover, or can suggest it to friends and family, who might enjoy understanding and learning about the world of the most expensive watches. Further, because it makes a difference, don't hesitate to review the book if you enjoy it. Retail price for The World's Most Expensive Watches is .

A Regular Guy Drives A Bugatti Veyron Supercar

A Regular Guy Drives A Bugatti Veyron Supercar

One day, I found an old Gruen up there. It turned out it was my grandfather's, a gift from his dad when in high school. So I took it back to LA and had it restored as a gift for their fiftieth anniversary.

aBlogtoWatch: What types of watches are popular in your market? What makes Philadelphia a unique place to buy watches?