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A Speedy Fan Talks About The New Speedmaster X-33

Soft white Mother of Pearl dials are always a favorite of mine - and now with the Hello Kitty icon subtly stamped upon one, the watch becomes a piece of fun jewelry as well. It's branded, but not in an obnoxious way.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak OffShore Wempe Scuba Watch Available On Sales & Auctions

Maitres du Temps Chapter Two Watch Page.

Victorinox Swiss Army Watches To Reach Customers Via iPhone App

Victorinox Swiss Army Watches To Reach Customers Via iPhone App

Omega Speedmaster Straps

Oddly enough, the watch industry has incredible difficultly getting decent low-cost watch winders out to us. For that reason you will find that most of the affordable ones are Chinese made, unless you want to spend many hundreds or thousands of dollar for something basic that is American or European made. Having said that, a lot of Chinese made watch winders are pure garbage. I've had some that die consistently within a few months. For that reason it is important to get one that you can trust, or at least maintain yourself cheaply. On the plus side, a lot of the Chinese made watch winders are cheap enough to be "disposable" to a degree. Today I am going to review a Chinese made watch winder with what I am told has a Japanese motor, that significantly adds to the value, as Japanese motors are far superior to what China typically produces on a mass level. I don't mean to sounds as though I am bashing Chinese goods, but rather that the reality is that much of their goods are so low quality, and in such great numbers, as it overshadows the good things being manufactured in China these days.

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Sinn 900 Flieger Watch: The "Big Aviator Chronograph" Watch Releases

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Time Tutelary One Watch Winder Review: Affordably Gets Job Done Without Fuss Luxury Items

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Yonger & Bresson Automatic Chronograph Snake Skin Strap Watch: For A French Cowboy

Yonger & Bresson Automatic Chronograph Snake Skin Strap Watch: For A French Cowboy

I can't wait to see what they release next.

Temption Cameo Silver Model Watch

Temption Cameo Silver Model Watch

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It is getting to the point where I write more than anything else, but that is OK because I love it. Eventually some of you will need to help contribute to keep all my content bases covered. My newest area of watch passion expression is The fare is arguably lighter, but is for a slightly different audience - still the talk is on watches. will need no introduction to some, but is basically a large news and opinion site where writers of different focuses and specializations are selected and given dedicated pages. I've been selected as the Men's Luxury Style writer for San Francisco, which essentially means that I will be talking about watches. Though when related luxury style items come up, I am sure I will mention them ("but watches are all that I know!").

Bremont Supermarine 500 Watch: First Diver For Young Brand Watch Releases

Fashionable Watches for Mom

It shows a futuristic computerised machine tool manufacturing scene in a dark satanic world of flashing lights and staccato robotic arms in the process of producing their latest watch. The storyline appears to be that this fantastic manufacturing assembly system part way through develops a fatal flaw which threatens the production process. However, and we have to believe in a “life force”here, such is the power of this new watch, which seems to be coming alive as it is built, takes control of the machines, speeds them up and forces them to finish their collective task of assembling the whole, the creation, before meltdown as it were. The building system is increasingly and brutally frenetic as the countdown ticks down towards 0.00, at which time the whole screaming system suddenly explodes across the screen with bits flying in all directions. Out of that maelstrom of madness flies incredibly the complete watch creation which lands amazingly intact, whole and complete....and claims, "I am a survivor.”

Timex Expedition WS4 Watch Review: A Bit Of Wrist Adventure Wrist Time Reviews

While the CNC machines work on large pieces such as the movement place with drills and alike instruments, what about the tiniest of tiny pieces that go into a watch movement? Cut by lasers? No, not really - though some watch hands are laser cut. Here a better technology is used, one that I hadn't even heard of before. It is called "wire erosion" and the process is quite cool. Basically, the wire erosion machine takes spools of ultra thin copper wire and applies electricity to the wire to create an ultra-hot spark. That spark is what cuts the metal plates that are put into the machine resulting in the creation of tiny watch movement components that seem almost impossible to produce. Once the wire is heated up, it is oxidized and must be recycled. The machine uses small rectangular metal plates, that are stacked. Each run of the machine can process 25 or so plates. You can see the machine in operation in one of the images. It is the image with the complex looking machinery with the pool of greenish liquid. That liquid is non-conductive oil. It helps keep things cool and removes debris. It also helps the machine look impossible, and the whole plate cutting process is done as it is submerged. Underneath the machine image, you can see an image of a tray of sample parts that A. Lange & Sohne relies upon the wire erosion machine to create.

Speedmaster Day-Date Caliber 1045

The case is a 42mm, which, combined with its weight and thickness (about 13mm), feels large. After reading all the interest in Rolex's new larger cases and Omega's larger Railmaster (not to mention Panerai's whole line), I can say that this watch definitely feels like it's on steroids. It's not too big in size, especially with the smoothness of its edges and lugs, but the weight gives it a significant heft. This feels larger to the wearer, as opposed to the viewer, who will likely see the watch as a standard-sized piece.

This was easily one of my favorite watches of JCK Las Vegas and my current favorite Ernst Benz watch. I consider this to sort of be a Rolex Explorer II on steroids, the 47mm wide steel case size might have a bit to do with that. Of course the style is similar to the Explorer II as well, just look at the GMT hand and the 24 hour bezel. Ernst Benz probably doesn't like all the comparisons to the Rolex, but most of you will easily see that. Then Ernst Benz starts with its own style. They indicate that the watch is meant to be retro inspired, which is part of the style of the finish of the bi-directional rotating bezel. Actually, the bezel is not my favorite part of the watch, though I would easily live with it. I like how the numbers are engraved into the bezel and darkened, but I would have done the polish on the metal a bit differently - minor point though.

Pontiac Watches Dead Long Before Car Maker Kicks Bucket Feature Articles

Speedmaster Professional Broad Arrow Moonphase

Time Tutelary One Watch Winder Review: Affordably Gets Job Done Without Fuss Luxury Items

Possibly The Best Watch Deal Around: Robert Lighton New York Big Closeout Sale Sales & Auctions
My favorites include the stainless steel Robert Lighton San Remo model with an automatic movement for just 0, and the Algonquin in in a sterling silver case with diamonds for just ,975 with an automatic movement. For the ladies, the Gramercy line of horizontally oriented tonneau cases with tapered straps is really well done (and jewel set bezels), for ,200 - about ,400. A good collection of nice watches with classic appointments, for great prices. The brand likes to boast that some popular celebrities are wearing their watches, but really, it is the style of the watches that do it for me. Something about classic looking blued steel hands that just never gets old.

Diamonds set upon the unique double rotor?
Powered by the motions of your wrist?

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a New Swiss Legend Watch

Why all the hoopla about just some new watch? Because it is so different. The combination of price + market distinction make it an important watch industry piece in my humble opinion. While many unique watches exist out there, so few have the type of broad appeal that I think Temption was able to bestow upon the Cameo.

This Limited Edition run of 4,999 pieces, presumably missing one for Danica herself, are super hot. A price tag of 5 proves Tissot's commitment to "democratic luxury." Their term, not mine, but I absolutely love it.

My TW Steel Canteen TW 1 Watch Review On

My TW Steel Canteen TW 1 Watch Review On

I'm always intrigued to speak to someone new about their fascination with watches - and what makes their love unique.

Thank You Mr. Urquhart!

Frederique Constant Maxime Manufacture Watch Collection At Basel + Video Watch Releases

"Thinking about what would result if SEIKO itself was to try its hand at designing such industrial watches led us to the theme for this year — “TOKYO”.
Rather than the watch-like feel brought into Japan from Europe, the watches here are bound to give you a “Tokyo-like” feel. In Japan, a country whose strong point lies in its attention to detail in the creation of things, the watches here are bound to feel more familiar, somehow Japanese…Tokyo-ish."

Elegant style tasting Omega Constellation Replica

You can visit the exhibitor directory at JCK's website. There are a lot of important brands, distributors, and watch brand group companies. If there are any specific brands you want me to go check out and report on, just let me know. The event will span through the Sand Convention Center (which is funny because the Sands hotel no longer exists), and in the Venetian hotel. The main show is going to be from Saturday May 31st until June 2nd. I will still probably post articles during most of that time though.

My Ralph Lauren Sporting Collection Watch Article On

My Ralph Lauren Sporting Collection Watch Article On

Contessa by Eterna promises to be a very exciting launch at this year's BaselWorld show. With fashion trends going towards the more simplistic and understated, these models are the perfect fit. I cannot help but look at the larger, flashier, decadent models that are flashed on wrists worldwide and see their popularity fade. Contessa by Eterna has proven that you can have a fashionable, luxurious watch, complete with diamond accents, that does not overwhelm the wearer. And yet still captures decades of watchmaking tradition.

Sea-Gull M 177 Automatic Classic-Styled Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews