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Attention Citizen Campanola Fans: Excellent Price For Accessorized Tonneau Perpetual Calandar Watch Sales & Auctions Here is one of those very classy Citizen Campanola watches that I would love to own. This is a model number AG6210-03E, sporting a curvy tonneau case, and a full perpetual calendar laid out in avant garde Campanola fashion. Like all excellent Citizen Campanola watches, this represents the best Japanese watch company Citizen has to offer in these hand decorated and handmade watches. I've discussed these watches at length, and you can read my many thoughts on them in these articles.

The reality is that many other computer companies could have made the MacBook Air long ago in terms of size and specifications. The most expensive version of the Apple MacBook costs close to ,000 with the solid state hard drive (SSD) at only 64gb of space. These have been around for a while, and are not commonly implemented because of their limited size and price. By the end of the year, solid state drives are going to more than triple in capacity and drastically lower in cost. All the early MacBook Air adopters are going to be hitting themselves. Of course Apple could care less, what the consumer wants is really not important to them. In the Apples have never been a bargain by any means.

CEO & President of Zenith Watch Company Theirry Nataf: Striking Resemblence To Other 'Precious' Lover Feature Articles So what is Nataf's new 'precious' as his character doppelganger Lord of the Rings' Gollum would say? Well the new Zenith Defy Extreme Zero G Multi-Dimensional Tourbillon watch of course. A mouthful of a name, the Defy Extreme Zero G Tourbillon is another sporty tourbillon watch. We recently way the Blancpain Aqualung Tourbillon Diver watch. Do these watches make sense? Not particularly. The tourbillon complication is intended to allow the escapement rotate more freely in a cage to increase accuracy as the watch changes orientation, thus the "multi-dimensional" label because the watch will maintain the same operation while moving around. A bit of a stretch in the name, but clever. The increase in accuracy is noticeable, but the increased cost is much more noticeable; not a trinket for all buyers. While a quartz watch is going to be more accurate, the Zenith Defy Extreme Zero G Multi-Dimensional Tourbillon is complex, rare, and interesting timepiece at about 0,000 dollars. Worth the price? Not at all, but it will find a few buyers who will appreciate the intricate viewable complexity of the tourbillon movement.

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To put a watch in the winder you remove a very stubborn foam brick. The brick is actually made our of Elastomer, and probably should be called a block, but I will call it a brick because it more or less has that shape thought it is a bit rounded. I mean the brick is really stubborn to remove. I was nervous that removing this piece of foam was going to damage or tear out the winding module (which does not feel very secure). I finally managed to get it out, and thought to myself how a watch is going to fit in there with our Elastomer securing companion. The foam piece is meant to contract when pressed as different sized watches are placed around it. For the test I used a Marcello C Nettuno 3 watch that has a steel bracelet. It required too much effort to close the clasp of the bracelet and was afraid it was going to tear the foam. The foam was unharmed, but it is entirely possible that with continued use, the Elastomer brick will tear. There are other materials that can be used for this such as firm pillows, I have a feeling use of this material as the securing block as due to cost.

Pop Art TechnoMarine Cruise Britto Collection Reminds Us Of Novel Swatch Watches From The 80's Watch Releases

Star Wars lore seems to indicate that some who are strong in the force can see into the future to an extent. Does this mean they inherently know what time it is? Darth Vader does not wear a watch, though his suit might tell him what time it is. This very cool Darth Vader costume is on sale right now on (pictured, click to go to product page). The costume is not cheap as far as Halloween costumes go, but it is high quality, and suitable for many occasions whether you are scaring little kids or participating in a fan event. You get the cape, jump suit, helmet, and rugged injection molded armor pieces. All I think you need to provide are black shoes and a light saber. After seeing this costume, I thought to myself, what watches would go well with this outfit?

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The watch is a nice size at 40mm and the case is in 18k white gold. Due to Piaget's popularity, expect these watches to sell well, but enjoy respectable levels of production. I am always happy to see such beauties coming from watch master Piaget, especially naked like the Altiplano Squelette.

Pre-Basel 2008 - Louis Erard 1931 Classic Moon Phase, A Lesson In Refinement Watch Releases

The first set of pictures represents the Velatura Diver watches with the new Seiko automatic chronograph movement, while the next two images represent a different version of the watch with a standard Seiko quartz chronograph movement (7T92) and a different feature set (dual time chronograph). The quartz models are about 0 street price.

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Streamerica watches are rare and sell quickly. This is no mystery given their very unique yet handsome design. To me, it brings back images of a different America. One that felt larger, more productive, and certainly one that designed more attractive products. In an era of form over function, it is nice to know that some things recall that functional looks can be endearing, and endlessly thought provoking.

The New BRS models are not the first ceramic watches to be released by Bell & Ross. They recently came out with black and white ceramic BR-03 watches (even with diamonds), but the BRS watches are smaller yet (though still large enough for men) and have a totally new face for the series.

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See IWC watches on Amazon here.IWC Vintage Aquatimer Watch Looks Classic Good, Reminds You Of When Diving Was Not As Safe Watch Releases

Review of the Seiko SKA367 Kinetic Dive Watch From


The Marcello C. Senatore 2020.4 is only sold in Europe, but other Senatore models are offered in the US. I'd love to get my hands on one of these watches, and if I do, you'll hear all about it.

More images of the Maitres du Temps Chapter One here.

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Other charming peculiarities can be found in the little things. For example, the watch can be classified as "Swiss Made," though the indicator is not located on the face. You'd think this universal attestation of quality would be right there on the watch face staring at you. Instead, you have a engraved "GERMANY" located inside and on the side of the watch face, waiting for the careful observer to find it. This says to me that Marcello C. is proud of itself as being a German watch maker, but would rather the watch speak for itself, rather than be a location for labels. You will however find the "Swiss Made" indicator on the signed rotor underneath the watch through the viewable case-back, just in case you had any doubts.

One of the pictured models has a key pad right on the strap. That is pretty cool actually. Now you just have to imagine holding your wrist up to your ear to talk, Dick Tracy style. "What's that Chief?" You've got the picture. There is actually nothing particularly outstanding from a technological standpoint about these watches. We can make very small cellphones, but we are really limited by practicality, battery size, and sheer ergonomics. Watch phones like these are social experiments in what might come next. If they grow popular, more will pop up. Right now, it is nice to know that watch phones exist, at least somewhere, and it is cool that they will work in the US (AT&T and T-Mobile).

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German Junghans Aviator Chronograph Picks Up In Breitling Aerospace’s Foot Steps

German Junghans Aviator Chronograph Picks Up In Breitling Aerospace’s Foot Steps

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It is true that many companies have have taken a place on eBay for their own stores. I mean the whole concept of the eBay store is amazing. The power to reach an enormous population with little to no overhead. You don't have to have a retail location, employees, or much else. All you need is a computer, the items you want to sell, and the ability to ship them. But for me, the staple attraction of eBay has been the private seller.

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For me, an Invicta watch will never replace the top brands on my list, but that isn't the role for an Invicta watch. Instead, they are functional workhorse watches that are fun and cheap enough to buy without hesitation.

Have A Watch Design Idea? Need Watch Design Consulting? Virtual Ideas Design Studio Can Help Feature Articles

Temption Cora Is One Of The Finest Female Watches I Know Of: One Rare Model Available

Temption Cora Is One Of The Finest Female Watches I Know Of: One Rare Model Available

A Nice Watch For The Angularly Inclined: The Paul Picot Le Plongeur C-Type Dive Watch Watch Releases

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You can visit the spec pages to read about the long list of features these wrist watch phone purportedly have. Don't count on it all, but it is probably safe to say that they at least work. These aren't going to be streamlined tools having gone through testing, but the low cost and ability to swap SIM cards might make them worth it for those interested enough. Check the links for an eBay seller who has a good deal of them. They each come with chargers and data transfer tools. I'd imagine the English translated software is about as good as the English on the eBay pages.

Analysis: Both watches are automatic mechanical movements, but since the Clinton watch has a see-through exhibition back, you can see its lovely decorated movement and winding rotor moving about, it is more desirable to the discerning watch lover. The Schwarzenegger watch is a sturdy and solid traditional chronograph, but offers a limited amount of "show me factor." Alternatively, the Clinton watch offers lots of useful (and useless) information, but might have you struggling to figure out what time it is.

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Star Wars Darth Vader Costume On Sale: What Watch Would He Wear? Feature Articles
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New Steampunk Watch Direction: Asymmetry, Big Gears: New Items From Olga Clock Works Watch Style It's been a while since I covered new work from one of my favorite watch and clock artists; Olga Narozhna (click to visit her site). I wrote an at length article about her here. Among her many fine efforts, she offers really interesting steampunk watch creations, that if you are lucky, she sells on eBay. For the initiated, steampunk is a design style that melds industrial revolution era technology aesthetic, Victorian era design cues, and a hefty dose of Jules Verne science fiction wonder.

Blogging For Self Promotion Evolving ABTW Blogging basically started as a way share your digital diary with..., well anyone. The concept seemed a bit "trendy" at first. One of those, "using the power of the internet" to allow the lay person to distribute their ideas. The fear was that legions of untalented, bad writers would flood the net with uninteresting, or at least unedited written spew.

The purpose here is to guide novices in to what area of the law they are dealing with, and a place to start asking questions. Let me say up front a general rule; You cannot protect mere ideas. It is the expression of ideas that can be protected.