Hands-On Omega Speedmaster Apollo 17 Reference 311.

Christie's Auctions Three Rare Display Back Speedmaster Professional Watches

Grieb & Benzinger Blue Merit Customized A. Lange & Söhne Tourbillon Pour Le Merite Watch Watch Releases

Watches Of The 2014 Brazil World Cup

Watches Of The 2014 Brazil World Cup

At Baselworld 2014, Bulgari (Bvlgari) quietly introduced two ultra-thin versions of the Octo collection that has been a mainstay of their focus for a few years now. The Octo Finissimo is incredibly thin and something I think many people will enjoy. In 2012, Bulgari released their fully in-house branded version of the Octo, a design acquired with the inclusion of the Gerald Genta brand. Genta, who was an extremely talented and legendary designer, created the Octo, as well as other Bulgari products that they continue to produce today. In addition to a very nice manually wound time-only model, the flagship Octo Finissimo model is this Tourbillon model–and as of 2014 it happens to be the thinnest tourbillon in the world.

Lamborghini is amazingly loyal to Blancpain even though the brand is not their official timepiece maker, and even though the watches themselves do not bear any Lamborghini branding. Watch lovers know that while the analogues between cars and timepieces are many, co-branded watches that leverage a watch lover's automotive passion are difficult to get right, at least commercially speaking. In a sense, I consider the automotive inspirations of the L-Evolution collection to be experimental at best. In a sense, they are–because Blancpain is free to play with design at will, given their low production and because Blancpain CEO Marc Hayek is a race car lover who continues to find ways of combining his work (watches) and personal life (cars).

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A French Collector Tells Us About His Speedmaster Reference 105.003-65 and 145.022-69

How To Choose What Watch To Buy Watch Buying

The movement inside of the watch contains two elements. A base movement and a module produced by VicenTerra. The prior GMT-3 watch contained an ETA 2892 automatic base movement. The Luna steps it up by including a Vaucher caliber VMF 3002 automatic movement. Honestly the Vaucher performs similarly to the 2892, but is a bit more exclusive and high-end in design. It is still a 4Hz (28,800 bph movement with a 42 hour power reserve). The automatic rotor is made exclusively for VicenTerra, and has a neat looking weight, shaped like a crescent moon.

This month you actually have two chances to win a watch on aBlogtoWatch. In addition to the Gc-3 Automatic watch giveaway, we are offering a special opportunity to win a Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Automatic (ref. H70575733) watch - the same model as the one worn by Chris Pine in the movie Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. This particular giveaway is for US residents only. See details below on how to enter.

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Wear Your Speedmaster On VELCRO® Brand

Christophe Claret Poker Watch Preview: Real Texas Hold 'Em On Your Wrist Watch Releases

The MP-08 Antikythera Sunmoon, developed in tribute to the ancient mechanism discovered in Greek waters in 1901, was presented at Baselworld one year from the launch of the "Tribute to the Antikythera Mechanism" at the Archaeological Museum of Athens. The Antikythera mechanism is one of the most mysterious objects in the history of civilization, and is considered to be the first "astronomical calculator" in the history of humanity.

Soccer (football) teams (clubs) from around the world will compete for about a month in various cities around Brazil from June 12-July 13, 2104 during the 2014 FIFA World Cup games. One of the most watched sports event around the world, the 2014 World Cup may easily break worldwide viewing records and will have a minimum of about 600 million to well over a billion viewers. That is a lot of eyes, and watch brands both mainstream and luxury are doing their part to be a part of the Brazil World Cup action.

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Watch Collection Essentials: Executive Watches

True, the Citizen Altichron collection does not have as many features as other multi-sensor watches, such as Casio's famed Pro Trek collection, but the idea here is more about design and making it entirely analog. Citizen knows that when you add too many features to an analog dial things get horrendously confusing very quickly, so it wanted to keep things (relatively) simple, yet visually intriguing on the Altichron Cirrus.

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends December 20, 2013 ABTW Round-Ups

The Reverso Chocolate is housed in the ultra-thin Grande Reverso case, the same as the original 2011 model and the Rouge from 2012.  It measures 46.8mm in length, 27.4mm in width, and has an overall thickness of 7.3mm.  For comparison, the Reverso Duoface Bleu from 2013 has a thickness of 9.1mm, but lacks the second dial display on the reverse side.  As noted above, the case material is solid pink gold, and the dial features gilt hour markers and baton hands.  The watch comes supplied with an alligator leather strap, as well as a burgundy colored cordovan strap by Casa Fagliano (pictured).

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Give Dad a Super Model for Father’s Day

Sablier Grand Cru Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

It has long been rumored that Apple is working on a watch. Heck, the company even registered the iWatch name in a couple of countries. But with the iWatch still nowhere to be seen, here are some thoughts from us with regards to its design and the use of sapphire crystal.

Enter Ballast, which, for the money, isn't too bad. Bloomingdale's carries them and if you are looking for a novel-looking, yet somehow familiar large men's sports watch, it is a viable option. I actually happened to really like this Valiant model with the skeletonized Japanese mechanical movement. It isn't a daily wear for me, but I know a watch like this is prone to get more comments than most of my "historically accurate" dive watches.

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Hands-On With The Speedmaster Moonphase Co-Axial Master Chronometer in Platinum

What is it:  Before it was "TAG Heuer" it was just Heuer. In 1963, Heuer released the now iconic Carrera collection under the leadership of Jack Heuer. Heuer, who literally has just finally retired, spent the last years of his working career as the honorary chairman of TAG Heuer. The mid to late 1960s were ruled by the sports chronograph, even though it was not until 1969 that brands (including TAG Heuer) released automatic self-winding chronograph watches. The Carrera was inspired by auto racing and some of the most elegant versions are the originals. They happen to come in many styles as well. My favorites are the Heuer Carrera 2447 SN and 2447 NS watches. What is the difference? Well one has a silver dial with black sub dials and the other has a black dial with silver sub dials.

What this weird term "hour angle dial" actually means is that the hour hand rotates once in 24 hours, indicating the degrees of arc against the center circle divided into 360. The "minute" hand rotates once every 4 hours and is read against the scale of 60. The two second hands revolve every 4 minutes, showing the angular minutes. Consequently, the time shown on the watch as pictured, reads 332 8.5', translating into 22 hours, 8 minutes and 30 seconds, the very time that all watches show in books and catalogues. Measuring in at an immense 56mm in diameter, this piece was designed to be worn by pilots who would wear it on the outside of their flight suit. A truly unique and very interesting piece that was sold by Christie's on the 11th of May, 2009, for ,710,690.

The Rarest And Most Expensive Patek Philippe Watches ABTW Editors' Lists
Patek Philippe Extra-Large Monopusher Chronograph, Credit: Sotheby's

14. Unique Extra Large Single Button Chronograph - ,240,000

ABTW: What was your first grail, and why were you drawn to this watch?

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Replica Watches presents the Portugieser Annual Calendar

Aside from the computational calendar, the movement offers the time, date, month, year, and has a function indicator that is adjusted by the pusher in the crown. It is one of the most peculiar calendars I have seen because it seems to include the year, but it is not a perpetual calendar. Thus, you have an annual calendar with a year indicator– though it is an important part of the spotlight complication.

How The Rolex Submariner Watch Earned Its Place Feature Articles

While the silent grace of a dive is really something to behold as I watch diver after diver disappear behind a small growth of thorny cactus on the cliffs edge, it is Czech diver Michal Navratil that really manages to elicit a response. He approaches the platform's edge with a series of staccato movements and motions as he amps himself and the crowd up for his jump (see above video). Once appropriately pumped, Michal turns his back to the nothingness behind him, places his hands on the platform and slowly rises into a handstand. The sort of handstand that I assume everyone with 5% body fat does whenever they want. After a short pause, Michal popped off the platform and fell out of view. From the top of the cliff looking at the shrunken world below, I held my breath until he disappeared from sight. I only knew for certain that he was okay because I saw him at the hotel later that evening.

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IWC Portugieser Hand-Wound Replica Watch

While not the main watch sponsor at the Reno Air Shows, ORIS does have skin in the game. ORIS sponsors a Formula One Class single passenger, single engine plane named Scarlet Screamer flown by Don Vito Wypraechtiger on the Saturday and Sunday morning races.

My thanks to the entire aBlogtoWatch team who was extremely professional and rather amazing at helping us to fully cover Baselworld 2014 on this site and via social media. My kudos to their diligence, efforts, and keen interest in our mission. Thanks especially to our James Stacey who sat with me after long hours of meetings to help choose the pieces on this list. We take it seriously and contemplated the pluses and minuses of our choices as though they were political policy that would alter the lives of those people they would touch. Recall once again that this list is in no particular order and you can click on the heading titles of each watch to read our expanded coverage of the various models. Each of these timepieces deserves an equal place on the list. Comment with your thoughts below and please stay tuned as we cover these and many more watches from Baselworld 2014.

As I mentioned above, the brand has already written its third Chapter (with the Maitres du Temps Chapter Three Reveal) with a much more classical looking, but nonetheless stunning watch by Kari Voutilainen and Andreas Strehler. Having said that, I respect the fact that the brand decided to carry on with a previous model and aspire to further enhance it. This sentiment implies the tremendous scale of investment behind the concept - and it also shows that several versions have to be made to justify such an immense technical effort. But then again, buying into such a young brand is an investment as well - and a fairly expensive one at that: the price for one of the eleven pieces ever made of the Chapter One Round Transparence is 0,000. maitresdutemps.com

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Speedmaster Missions Collection Suitcase

The watch has excellent case finish and detailing, complete with laser-engraved crown. This picture on the next page shows how well-polished the hands are - very nice for this price point... more »

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 148: Return Of The Turkeys

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 148: Return Of The Turkeys

The M1 and M2 are, of course, similar to the original "P" series SevenFriday watches in regard to the same 47mm wide cushion-shaped case along with overall look and feel. The M1 and M2 watches also once again use Japanese Miyota mechanical movements, but different movements here which are modified to use discs rather than hands to indicate the time.

On all three tiers the exact date is marked by blued brackets that seem to float over the rings' markings. Reading information from the three tiers and their rectangular frames does suffer in some poor lighting conditions, but the way the rings are stacked so close together makes for a quicker and easier reading compared to most other calendar watches. Having said that, one indication is missing - although it may not be instantly obvious even for those with a weak spot for this complication -, which is the display of leap years. Visible through the transparent case back, the leap and non-leap years are indicated by a hand set on one of the movement's bridges.

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Affordable Pre-Owned Luxury

What do you get when you combine a large, sporty dive-style case with a skeletonized mechanical movement? Something like this Ballast Valiant ref. BL-3105-02 watch. A piece like this doesn't fit into any of the traditional watch categories and that is because this, my friend, is what we call a fashion watch. Does that make it bad? No. It just means that it isn't the type of thing hardcore watch nerds will gravitate to. Though it does have the type of appeal to make sense for all those other less ardently geeky watch lovers who are interesting in "timepiece fun."

L. Leroy Osmior Tourbillon Regulateur Automatique Watches Hands-On Hands-On

Casio G-Shock GPW1000 Is First Watch To Combine GPS & Atomic Clock Radio Time Syncing Watch Releases

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