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Rolex Day Date II

Right before I wrote this article I was fortunate enough to actually meet with Franc Vila himself. He showed me a selection of watches from his collection, including the Cobra models that I wrote about for (see link below). It was interesting that I met with the man who made a watch I was about to write about. I was literally assigned to write about the watch a few hours before I met him, so it was a total coincidence really. He is a charismatic fellow who is more a watch enthusiast turned watch company owner as opposed to being a introverted watch maker like the hardcore fellows. He has a deep connection with the designs and a close relationship with his customers. What amazed me about the watch is just how solid they felt. If you've ever picked up a watch that felt like lots of pieces put together, you'll now what I mean. The Franc Vila watches feel like one solid piece. Check out my discussion of his mainstream Cobra Chronograph line of watches.

Other than the use of transmission belts in the movement, the big thing is the use of micro ball bearings instead of synthetic rubies between the gears and the movement plate. Tag Heuer claims that the ball bearings have less friction that the rubies. You also have the linear weight that serves as to winder the automatic movement. Basically, as you move your hand the weight moves up and down (as opposed to oscillating in circles). It does not have a lot of travel room as you can see, but Tag Heuer says the system works quite well. What is also impressive is just how accurate the movement is. Tag Heuer says that the movement deviates by just plus or minus 4 seconds a day. Well within Chronometer range.

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Sorry about the slightly blurry image, this watch was a pain to get a pic of, and I couldn't tell I didn't get a good pic until it was too late. Still, you can tell that this is a really cool "phantom" style all black watch.  This is the TX Pilot ref. T3C423 watch from TX's 600 Series watches. The watch has a quartz flyback chronograph  as well as a second time zone. You also get the case and a rotating slide-rule bezel. The watch is probably about 45mm wide and is really cool looking. You can tell that the dial is deep and easy to read despite the black tones. People will want to know what that big black watch on your wrist is. All the detail on the dial make it quite intriguing. Still, the functionality is simple and you get used to the look of the dial with ease. It is matched with a black leather strap and retails for 5. For some people this is the best TX watch in their lineup.

In this episode, we talk about the lawsuit involving F.P. Journe and Jaquet Droz. Rogue Warrior the "real deal" rugged watches are discussed, as well as military watches and their role in military history in general.


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It is important to mention that in addition to Project X Designs not being associated with Rolex watch company, they also offer their own warranty. Meaning you do not send Project X Rolex watches to Rolex for service, but rather direct to Project X. This is good news because it coincides with their high quality of customer service. Getting your watches serviced can be a frustrating endeavor, and Project X seeks to keep the process quick and painless. No more waiting 8 months for your watch to be sent back to you. More details about service and the Project X warranty is of course available on their site. More in the future on these new Rolex watch modifications from Project X Designs.

IWC Wins Reader Voted Best Luxury Watch Brand On Luxist

IWC Wins Reader Voted Best Luxury Watch Brand On Luxist

So a bit more about the large watch. First, the movement is the illustrious Seiko Spring Drive chronograph that has a 12 hour chronograph, date, and power reserve indicator for the 72 hours of power reserve. Like I said, these models have the GMT hand removed, and instead wish to emphasis the chronograph complications. I've talked about Spring Drive a lot. If you don't know about, it you should want one. Really all the allure of a decorated, manufacture made mechanical movement, with the accuracy of a quartz watch. No batteries, ever! It is all powered by a mainspring. Magic, I know. The watch focuses on the Japanese ideal of perfection (also an ideal for Seiko). ) One thing the watches do, that has been a goal of many for so long is have a PERFECTLY smooth sweeping seconds hand. No mini ticking. Nothing but smooth as butter "glide motion" hands. Very impressive to see. Also, the watch is 100% silent. Put your ear up to it, and you can't hear a thing. Seiko is very proud of this fact. There are a few other impressive points for Spring Drive movements, but I will leave that to other articles.

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What watch brands can concretely expect from these applications

Check out the white faced watch in the middle. Everything seem normal, until you realize it is a promotional watch for what looks like "Mr. Poo." As his happy smiling, though somewhat uncomfortable looking face is stilling at around 3 o'clock nearer to the center of the dial. There is tons of amusing stuff like that on their website. Just check out the (new and old) products links.

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Thoughts On The Confrerie Horlogere La Clef du Temps Tourbillon Watch Watch Releases

Magrette Regattare Moana Pacific Limited Edition Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Overall, the people behind have built a nice little web application that is good for you, and good for me. Most of the deals are under 0, and some are for significantly more. Still waiting for that ,000 watch deal of the day though. Anyhow, is a good find, and thanks to the person who filled me in about it.

Had Customer Service Problems With A Major Luxury Watch Company?

Had Customer Service Problems With A Major Luxury Watch Company?

Piaget Polor

To measure 1/10 of a second accuracy, you simply need start the chronograph and pay attention to the subdial at 6 o'clock. For the first 30 seconds it will spin quickly, and then stop. No worries when it stops, because when you stop the chronograph, the hand will move to one of the positions (1-10). Read that number and you get the fractional measurement. For example, if the large red seconds hand is at "15" seconds on the main dial, and the dial at 6 o'clock is pointing at "4," you've just measured 15.4 seconds. Cool right? Now if you measure times longer than 30 minutes, the subdial at 6 o'clock that once told you the fractional part of the seconds, is not used to measure the hours (up to 10). Make sense? It is just that simple, and I think it clever that the Ronda movement have this dual role for the subdial at 6 o'clock.

Coincidentally I am writing this review while in Switzerland. The mecca for all things watch. Being here has helped me really understand the Magellan 1521 watch. One way to look at parts of Switzerland (especially the airport) is that it is like a huge mosaic for watch ads. Brands that you'd never think would have their own billboard are prominently displayed as though they were selling laundry detergent. And I don't think I saw one ad for a watch that would go for under ,000. So how is all this relevant? Because as a maker of fine watches, what you really need to do is do something different in order to be noticed. That, or your brand needs to mean something very special. As such, Magellan watches are one satisfying way of doing something different with watches. The best part, is that the quality with these timepieces is also very high.

Formex 4 Speed DS 2000 GMT Watch Perfect For Diving Or Racing Watch Releases Powering the watch is an automatic Swiss ETA 2893-2 viewable through the case back. The movement is not particularly decorated in this case, but it is not necessary in this application. The 2893-2 movement is the preferred movement when a GMT complication is needed. The GMT (24 hour) hand can be independently adjusted to act as a second timezone. In this watch, the crown is placed at the top of the watch to prevent damage to the watch crown, and from uncomfortably jabbing into the wearer's wrist; a nice touch.

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The Tag Heuer Silverstone was a model from the 1970s that a good deal of Tag Heuer watch enthusiasts have been asking for Tag Heuer to remake. The model is back, but as a limited edition. With re-issues of lines such as the Monaco, it was only a matter of time before this side-sided square watch got a modern treatment. It is not a re-release as the watch has been updated and modernized, and it is not a retro inspired as it is closer to a re-issue being very accurate to the original. This is a bona fine throwback watch model for those who miss that era - brown colors and all (I don't know why car makers at the time thought brown was a nice color for car interiors). The Silverstone watch is also part of Tag Heuer's 150th anniversary collection of items.

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Owner specified customization is a big part of the watch. The 42.5mm wide case is available in yellow, red, or white gold, or platinum. Further, an interesting area of customization are the jewels that make up the power reserve indicator. They can be diamonds, rubies, or sapphires, in at least a couple different cuts. Other customizable elements of the watch may also exist.

Although the collection is pretty cool, it will appeal to mostly a niche audience of mostly existing Pierre DeRoche watch lovers. I do feel that while there are three different pieces in the collection, they are too similar to each other. Mr. von Koeding could have easily mixed it up a bit giving each version of the Dare watch collection its own style and personality. The movement inside the watch is a Dupois Depraz mechanical automatic, and the case is done in stainless steel. An interesting timepiece with a mixture of luxury and contemporary urban art.

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Rolex isn't too keen on their watches being modified, but I am sure they love the ideas that Project X gives them. They have an odd protectionist sentiment about their timepieces. Preferring that you should want only what they offer - which while spectacular, is limited. Given the sheer popularity of Rolex watches, it comes with no surprise that wanting to make a "Rolex watch your own" is an expected desire given the options seemingly available. Say you want a Rolex watch in all black, with a different color dial, or perhaps a sapphire case back? Maybe your wishes are for something more grandiose with complex engravings or designs on the watch? Well Rolex has no ear for you, but Project X Designs does. The hidden efforts behind their pieces involve a determined Rolex company that keeps making their watches harder and harder to modify. Project X Designs can be seen as one of Rolex's biggest fans, faithfully preserving the brand's high quality image.

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