Rising Tennis Star, Kei Nishikori, Signs Brand Name Watch Ambassador Deal With TAG Heuer

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Louis Vuitton also decided to add a new version of its pretty awesome Tambour Spin Time watch (first covered here) to the Tambour éVolution in Black collection. The Louis Vuitton Spin Time was first introduced in 2010, and that first version is still my favorite. The 2015 Louis Vuitton Tambour éVolution Spin Time GMT in Black is different from the original model in some ways, but it does retain the core concept - which is to display the time in a second time zone via small cubes on the dial that turn around when it is that hour. The new Spin Time dial has been highly minimalized, and the in-house made calibre LV111 automatic movement produced by Louis Vuitton is different from that in the original Spin Time. What is different is that now the second time zone cubes are adjusted using the crown, whereas in previous Spin Time models, there were pushers on the left of the case to advance the second time zone forward or backward.

Ever since the smartwatch became a thing, I have been preaching that companies need to pool their resources and talents to create something that consumers want. A new type of smartwatch platform called MMT (Manufacture Modules Technologies) was just announced out of partnership between a series of companies both in Switzerland and in Silicon Valley. This isn't a big deal just because it means the small but crowded smartwatch market has a new face, but because, in my opinion, it represents a wise step in the right direction of how the Swiss luxury watch industry needs to integrate itself into the smartwatch world. Welcome to the MMT electronic watch movement family and the Horological Smartwatch.

MMT 'Horological Smartwatch' Platform Finally Ties Switzerland To Silicon Valley Watch Releases
Peter Stas, CEO of Frédérique Constant / Alpina, wearing the Frédérique Constant Horological Smartwatch Reference FC-285V5B4

The ZW0103 manufacture movement features the aforementioned German silver plates prominently. Running at a frequency of 4 Hz and providing 72 hours of power reserve, the movement is tucked into a 42.5mm case that was designed in concert with the movement, ensuring an excellent fit. Flipping the watch over, you will have yet another sapphire crystal – bringing the total to three – showing you the back of the movement. As with the front, you do not see a lot of the movement – you have the rotor, balance wheel, and a few pieces of the gear train. Otherwise, it's the silver plates that the Zeitwinkel 273° Saphir Fumé is showing off.

It was interesting to see a watch – especially one with such a unique feature as the Breitling Emergency II has – playing a prominent role in the world's leading motoring show. It was not only a gadget but the device Clarkson and May tried to track down, and hence, in a way, the tool that saved Hammond's life – even though everyone knows that he had not actually been put at risk, of course.

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Our friend Mr. Chalmers at Calibre 11 nicely profiles the "Watches of Aryton Senna" with more history, and you can see that the quirky TAG Heuer S/el ref. S25.706C was one of Aryton's preferred watches. The funny thing is that the TAG Heuer of today would probably never produce such a model with its analog/digital dial and odd hybrid bracelet/strap. With a 1/100th of a second chronograph, it isn't too difficult to imagine why it was a preferred watch of a race car driver. More so, this S25.706C was part of the larger TAG Heuer S/el collection that later gave birth to the TAG Heuer Link collection, which only got its name in the late 1990s.

The unique case shape and digital time display of the 4N watch has been around for a few years now, and for 2015 it receives its most notable – and somewhat unexpected – update yet: the 4N Sapphire Planet wraps the original digital-mechanical movement in a sapphire crystal case.

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Exclusive Nomos 'Timeless Club' Watch For Timeless Luxury Watches In Texas Watch Releases

One of the most interesting things about the video is how little time Rolex spends talking about the modern Rolex Datejust watch collection, with just a few brief glimpses of Rolex Datejust models that you can buy today. In a sense, the video is very much an homage to the Datejust product family name and the history of the collection, along with some of its most distinctive features (such as the date window, and later magnifier lens over the date window).

Cost Of Entry: Rolex Watches Feature Articles

Rolex Day-Date 40 Watches & The New Rolex 3255 Movement Hands-On Hands-On Rolex Day-Date 40 Watches & The New Rolex 3255 Movement Hands-On Hands-On

Cartier Tank MC Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Apple Watch Release: Final Details & Prices Watch Releases

My First Grail Watch: Sean Wai My First Grail Watch

The price for this Vulcain Aviator Cricket alarm watch will be ,700. Both models are priced the same and the are available now. Although the model will not be limited, bear in mind that Vulcain do not produce crazy amounts of watches every year, so these may become quite sought after if this generation of the Cricket proves as popular as its ancestors have done. vulcain-watches.ch

IWC Connect Is Another Swiss Watchmaker’s Answer To The Smartwatch

IWC Connect Is Another Swiss Watchmaker’s Answer To The Smartwatch

In essence, if you like its discreet design and straight-forward functionality, we can say that you will certainly not be disappointed if you put your money towards the entry-level Rolex in 2015, i.e., the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39mm 114300 in steel – priced, again, at ,700. rolex.com

What Features Should A Casio Smartwatch Have?

What Features Should A Casio Smartwatch Have?

The Tudor Pelagos in either black or blue continues to be an exemplary 500 meter water resistant sports watch with its class-leading titanium case (at this price point, it so easily is), legible tool-watch style, and features. Take, for instance, the deployant clasp on the bracelet which has three micro-adjust settings as well as the cool spring-loaded diver's extension style system which never stops being cool. There is also the fact that Tudor includes both a titanium bracelet as well as rubber strap (with extra diver's extension piece) with all new Tudor Pelagos models. Price for the 2015 Tudor Pelagos reference 25600TN in black as well as the blue 25600TB is 4,200 Swiss Francs (currently about ,300), which is actually just a few hundred bucks more than the outgoing model without the in-house made movement. tudorwatch.com

What Seiko Kinetic watches lack is the ability to be "hand-wound." Meaning that the only way to generate power is by wearing them and moving them around. The major addition in Kinetic Direct Drive is the ability to turn the crown and generate power to charge the battery manually. With that comes a cool power reserve indicator that doubles as a real-time charge gauge, showing you how much power you are generating along a linear scale. It isn't necessary, per se, but it is cool to see in real time that your crown spinning is doing something. When you stop spinning the crown, the hand shows you how much power is now in the battery. Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive movements have a maximum power reserve of about a month.

So the interesting situation for Apple is that very few of the journalists and influencers covering the Apple Watch truly understand it from both the technological and fashion perspectives. In fact, I might be one of those few - which, trust me, is an amusing coincidence for me as well. Suddenly, I am in a unique position to discuss a category I never imagined would even exist back in 2007 when I started to write about watches while living in San Francisco - the tech capital of the world. With that said, consumer (and journalist) hesitation about smartwatches is something that I feel is merely temporary. If the Apple Watch turns out to be something people quickly adopt, then familiarity with what the Apple Watch is will increase. Apple's goal is to make that happen sooner rather than later - and a big part of that is teaching people to love watches again.

The Kentex Marineman Seahorse is a mechanical watch that contains a Japanese Seiko-made caliber NH35 automatic movement. This is a work-horse mid-range automatic that you'll find similar versions of in many Seiko 5 range timepieces. The NH35 features automatic as well as hand-winding, and also hacking seconds. Operating at 3Hz (21,600 bph), you'll get about 41 hours of power reserve out of an NH35. You can get the NH35 movement in some slightly cheaper watches, but I would say that for the quality of the components in the Kentex Marineman Seahorse, the asking price for the timepiece is not too much.

The thing I've learned about grails and "the one that got away," whether it was a watch or anything else, is that there doesn't have to be a shortage of beauty in the world. Just because one thing of wonder falls through my hands doesn't mean there won't be another. The world is full of ugly things, and it's our job in life to try and create more beauty, and to make sure what we have doesn't go unappreciated.

Bremont Watch Company: Time To Take A Closer Look?

Bremont Watch Company: Time To Take A Closer Look?

I've specifically decided to not include a long discussion of the history of the Tank watch including the various potential sources of the name. What people do agree on is that Cartier produced the original Tank wrist watch specifically in honor of military tanks from World War I. There exists a bit of disagreement whether it was the entire tank shape or just the treads, and what country's tanks influenced the design. Nevertheless, Cartier has covered all its bases, with Tank models being named in honor of America, England, and France with the Tank Americaine, Tank Anglaise, and of course the famous Tank Francaise. A quick survey of all the available Tank watches on the Cartier site reveals a total of 47 different current production models.

Scuderia Ferrari Formula Italia Watches: "Made In Italy" & Affordable Watch Releases

So what will the Arnold Schwarzenegger watch brand be like, and where will it be sold? As of March 2015, a large series of prototype watches are available for us to play with and get an understanding of the brand but it will not be until closer to Q3 or Q4 2015 before Arnold Schwarzenegger watches will be ready to buy. With that said, we have an extremely good idea of what the collections will be like and the various styles and themes. To put that into perspective, there are over 100 different SKUs in the Arnold Schwarzenegger watch collection right now, but the company's representatives are clear on the fact that the final retail collection will be smaller.

When it comes to ergonomics, the 40.8 millimeter wide case – seen in white gold here – is one that should feel comfortable on most wrists; as much as large watches may be "in" (and there are some more comfortable ones out there, for sure), most will agree that a smaller watch with less weight and a more ergonomic fit will be more comfortable to wear, especially over longer time periods. The H. Moser & Cie Endeavour Perpetual Calendar Funky Blue also features a cool case design element that we would really like to see more often, which is a curved case back and rear sapphire crystal. As opposed to sitting flat on the wrist, the curved case back allows the watch to wrap around in a more comfortable and secure way, again, making for superior wearing comfort.

Additionally, Bremont’s distinctive aviation-inspired design language has been present in their core collection of timepieces since launching and has stayed true to their original concept. Each piece, from the MB (Martin Baker) series of pilot’s watches, to the Supermarine diver and ALT1 chronographs are unmistakably Bremont. In a market full of so-called “pilot’s watches,” Bremont has managed the neat trick of being evocative of the genre and yet wholly original in their execution.

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