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It took Roger Dubuis months to get a proper press release out on this watch with specs. I took images of the new Easy Diver watches back in January 2010, and am only now able to share them with you. I wanted some hard details to go along with the images. Prices will start at ,900 for the subsidiary second model versions. Here are two different models. The sub seconds version and the chronograph. While the EasyDiver Chronograph is a sexy number, I think the real momentum is with the time only model.

While the planetarium part of the Meteoris is relatively impressive, the watches are more my thing. Maybe I would be more into the planetarium if it didn't look like places for the watches were an afterthought. The set comes with four piece unique watches that are each slight different versions of the Louis Moinet Vertalis Tourbillon watch. The case and overall design is carried over, but each watch here is a bit different. The pudding is all in the dials. Be it in 18k white gold or rose gold, the watches all come down to their astrological dials.

Listen to HourTime Show watch podcast episode 33 here.

Cadence Oarsman Hammer Watch Review

Cadence Oarsman Hammer Watch Review

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In the world of limited edition Panerai watches there are cool ones and boring ones. This is one of the really cool ones. I also love that they all (limited to 100 pieces) sold out within one hour of being released. This is the Panerai Luminor Submersible PAM 358, and was specially made for the Parisian high-end watch store Chronopassion. The PAM 358 is a pretty crazy watch. Water resistant to 2500 meters (over 8,000 feet), the watch is shaped like a diving vessel with a large rounded bottom. It is known as a "destro" model, or lefty model, because the crown is on the left side of the watch. It is really thick as well - even by Panerai standard. The case is 47mm wide in titanium with a special rotating diver's bezel that is in steel. This is one of the most coveted, ultimate Panerai dive watches out there.

The majority of dive watches choose an outer unidirectional bezel to mark dive periods. AP went with an inner rotating bezel, which not only keeps the shapely octagonal case intact but also provides a more secure solution. You don’t want an accident or miscalculation when you’re a long way from a breath of fresh air. Unscrewing the crown at 10 o’clock operates the inner rotating dial ring with increments demarcated at five-minute intervals.

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Russel Crowe wears an Omega Speedmaster in 'The Nice Guys'

Bell & Ross Vintage Original And Officer Watches For 2010 Watch Releases Bell & Ross Vintage Original And Officer Watches For 2010 Watch Releases

Joe Biden is clearly the biggest watch lover of this trio. While Obama has a number of watches (I know, because I am told all the time by watch brands what models they give him). Here, he is wearing a first generation Tissot T-Touch watch on a rubber strap. You can click that link for a product page where you can see more specs and get one. It retails for 0 - being the priciest of the trio, but interestingly the least formal. On a rubber strap with all of its outdoors functions, this is a sports watch that is a good gadget piece as well. Biden is almost always seen with sport watches, they fit his personality. Interestingly enough, in comparison to the other watches, Biden's looks to be a few minutes behind (or Obama and Kagan's watches are a few minutes ahead). I wonder what that says about Biden?

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For 2010 the Dual Tow (DualTow, not ever sure about it being one or two words), gets the "NightEagle" treatment. A dark case, new style on the rubber belt indicators, and tinted sapphire bridges over the dial. Essentially, there are sapphire plates (cut to look like parts of a stealth aircraft) sandwiched over the movement and the top sapphire crystal. The bridges have a purplish tint to them, and cover most of the movement (that was exposed in the standard Dual Tow watch). Time is read in the open sections over the belts. You need to look a bit closely to read the time, bu you can understand it pretty easily as it is digital. The font on the rubber belts now looks like that on a digital LCD screen - part of Claret's vision of combing modern pieces of technology and convenience with luxury mechanical watch making.

This type of stuff sells watches. How do I know? Well they just making these, and people are buying them. But that is good. As far as I am concerned, people buying watches is a good thing. I am so tired of seeing naked wrists. Do you love limited editions? Limited editions for limited editions. "This new piece is to celebrate our 100th limited edition watch." I swear, Hublot is going to start making those, I just know it!

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Operation of the watch is straight forward - and again it is very easy to read. As seen in the little video I took - you can see the watch changing minutes. Look at how fast and simple the minute changes (because they are jumping minutes). How cool is that? It goes without saying that I want a watch like this. I'll not likely be in a position to afford it any time soon, but it I can certainly appreciate this and other F.P. Journe timepieces when I see them, and understand why those with "choices" often opt for a F.P. Journe in their collection.

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Bertolucci Giro Chronograph Watches Have A Freaky Face Watch Releases
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Strap & Buckle:
Black hand-stitched alligator with 18K white gold & titanium custom designed deployment buckle

Oris Col Moschin Limited Edition Watch Hands-On

Oris Col Moschin Limited Edition Watch Hands-On

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In steel, the comfortable case is 52mm wide, by 35mm high. It comes with a thick 35mm wide aviation style leather strap with white contrast stitching. The wide, and short proportions of the case make it interesting, and like I said, actually very comfortable to wear. This is a great watch, and it has loads of fashion appeal. Staying true to the manually would, mechanical nature of the original, the Bomb Timer will have a manually wound ETA Unitas 6947 movement in it (that was originally used in pocket watches).  The movement is mounted upside down so that the crown can be mounted on the left side of the case. Bathys is most likely going to alter the shape of the crown guards to make the crown easier to un-screw and wind. The case is water resistant to 100 meters.

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The SNR005 watch contains a Spring Drive caliber 5R65 automatic movement. It has 30 jewels and a power reserve of about 72 hours. This movement has the basic Spring Drive features that other movements have expanded upon. This includes the time, date, and power reserve indicator. You can hand wind the movement as well of course. You'll hear a different type of sound than you normally would with a standard mechanical watch. Because Spring Drive has a mainspring and not a battery, that is what the crown is winding. When the mainspring runs down, instead of feeding power to an escapement, it feeds power to a special quartz regulator that acts like a brake. It slows the power to be highly consistent. The release of this power can be seen by the "glide wheel," which is what replaces an escapement. Seeing this wheel in action (through the back of the watch) allows you to understand why the seconds hand moves so smoothly without ticking. I like that Seiko placed the date on a dark colored disc to match the dial. Back on the matter of winding. Hand-winding the movement feels very efficient, while it seems to take automatic winding a bit more to power the watch to full. After a day of wearing the watch, the power reserve won't necessarily be lower than it originally was, but it won't necessarily be in the full position either. This means that the watch won't run down on you, but if you live a less "wrist active" lifestyle or don't wear the watch as much, I recommend putting it in a watch winder or keeping an eye on the power reserve indicator to hand-wind it if necessary.

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