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IWC Aquatimer Replica added splendor

Without T-Touch, Tissot really wouldn't be what it is today. Each year we get at least one new model of the popular touch-screen watch - maybe the original touch-screen watch. The way it works is simple. You press the pusher on the right side of the case to "activate" the sapphire crystal, and then you press various areas to activate or adjust certain functions. For that reason, you have functions listed around the periphery of the dial.

This watch is the "limited edition" GV2 Corsaro Chronograph watch. GV2 is a sub-brand under the higher-end Gevril brand. In the last few years, GV2 has moved around a bit in terms of market placement, but has tried to remain an affordable mechanical watch. They apply the term limited edition without discussing the number of the limited edition in the marketing materials. What does that mean? It means they don't know and it will just be produced as long as they can sell units. That sometimes means not even a full series are made. In other situations it means a brand will produce more than the limited edition total. The fact is that most watches are limited edition pieces. Meaning they are made for a short run and then never made again. If you look really closely on the back of this watch you'll see that it seems to be a limited edition of 500 pieces - but not disclosing that fact in the marketing materials is usually something to be suspect of.

At just under 44mm wide, the case wears comfortably and feels like a good size. One thing that isn't actually easy to notice is that the case is titanium. Chopard executes an extremely good steel-like polish all over the case. You can barely notice the slight hint of gray that titanium has over steel. Really an excellent use of high-grade titanium - which of course lightens the weight of the case. The case is water resistant to 100 meters and has a mixture of polished and brushed surfaces. One thing I really like about the GTXL are the chronograph pushers. They are squared to visually integrate with the case, but are still easy to use. A lot of people have attempted this look and Chopard does it rather well.

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The strongest in history IWC Aquatimer Replica

MTM is an American company based out of here in Los Angeles. You get that nice "USA" label on the back of the case in addition to their dagger logo. I think they should supply a dagger like that with the watches. You do however get a nice Pelican case carrrying box. Those cases are damn useful actually. Inside the MTM Falcon as I said is a custom made movement for MTM. It is quartz, and I believe Japanese. The Titanium Black on Black Falcon is among the more expensive pieces in the collection at a price of 0. The Falcon pieces however start at about 0 in steel. This piece might be worth the additional expense because the combo of titanium and DLC coating offer reduced weight without the easy scratching you usually get with naked titanium. You can get this and other MTM timepieces via their website here.

Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Tourbillon Watch

Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Tourbillon Watch

Uniq GAF Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Inside the Horizon KAWS watch is a Swiss ETA 2892 automatic mechanical movement. The case is water resistant to 50 meters and the watch feels good on the wrist - as most all Ikepod watches are. The unique creation will speak the loudest to KAWS fans and collectors. Especially the more dedicated collectors who purchase KAWS' original works. This interesting collaboration watch is a good thing, and I like it when artists unfamiliar with the wrist watch world get involved with these types of projects. Price for the Ikepod Horizon by KAWS watches is ,000 each.

Girard-Perregaux Foudroyante Rattrapante Watch Hands-On

Girard-Perregaux Foudroyante Rattrapante Watch Hands-On
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Much attention IWC Portofino Replica

The Timewriter II Chronograph Bi-Frequence ('Bi-Frequency' - I don't know about you but I am certainly bi-frequency curious) 1000 is precise like the Tag Heuer but offers a totally different system of achieving the same level of precision. The guy who developed the system is a clever Spanish watch maker named Bartomeu Gomila - his name is right there on the dial. He explained the system to me like a pro, but like a novice I just nodded and smiled a lot. The basic idea is this: the oscillator in the Timewriter II operates at 50 hertz, but to measure 1/1000th of a second in the traditional way it would need to actually run at something close to 500 hertz. How it works is by having a system that "catches" the balance wheel more than just once each turn. Actually 50 times each turn of the wheel. The ability to move a gear 100 times in each full turn versus two is the trick to the system.

The strap is supple and padded and designed to fit flush with the case. That tight fit makes it looks extra impressive. The strap is matched to a push-button folding clasp - here again in 18k orange gold. Perhaps Omega will offer a full gold bracelet down the line, though it would make for an extremely expensive watch given all the gold.

The Field Day Date watch comes in a larger 47mm wide steel case - here in PVD black. While it is big, the case has lugs curved enough to make it fit well on most wrists. The thin bezel makes the dial look even larger than it is, but a larger crown helps visually reduce mass. At about 11mm thick, the piece doesn't sit too high off the wrist. The case is water resistant to 200 meters and thankfully employs an AR coated sapphire crystal over the dial. Although, AR coating on the top side would help prevent a bit of the glare when viewing the watch from certain angles.

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Watch Out! WOW TV Sneak Preview For August 27th & 28th

Seiko Ananta Automatic Chronograph Urushi Diver Ref. SRQ013 Limited Edition Watch Hands-On  Hands-On

Let's jump into the timepiece's innovations first. The new complication has been coined the "Winding Efficiency Indicator" by Urwerk. The name makes sense but is unlikely to explain exactly what the complication is meant to do (i.e. turn your watch into a whiny wife). This winding efficiency indicator is coupled to the power reserve indicator and measures the amount of power you are generating via the automatic movement over the last two hours. As you know, automatic movements use a weighted rotor to wind a mechanical watch while you move your wrist around. If you don't move your wrist around then you don't charge up the movement.

The major change to the Gefica collection under the new Bulgari branding are the dials. The new dials are shaped the same, but have some color and design differences. The new ones are slightly more subtle, with darker dues and more of an Italian feel to them. The art deco aesthetic ghost is still there, but not quite like the original. Having polled several people, I have found that some prefer the original Gerald Genta look, and some prefer the cleaner Bulgari look. For me they are both nice in their own way - and this model specifically is unique to Bulgari with no older GG analog.

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Breitling Replica Rolls Out New Bentley

We discuss what a driver's style watch is, and a limited edition Vacheron Constantin model for the American market, the Historiques American 1921 Boutique New York Watch.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ceragold Watches Hands-On Hands-On

British retailer Christopher Ward has been on a roll as of late. They have announced a series of interesting watches like their first COSC certified watch the C50 Malvern, and the innovative and quite exclusive C9 Jumping Hour. Adding to their growing list of noteworthy watches, Christopher Ward has just announced a pre-order for their newest limited edition, the C900 Single Pusher Chronograph. Exhibiting a reserved and very elegant design, this new chronograph from Christopher Ward is just as cool inside as it is out. Sporting a movement modified by one Johannes Jahnke, the C900 uses an ETA/Unitas 6497 movement customized to feature a monopusher chronograph complication. A monopusher (or single pusher) allows the chronograph to be activated, paused and reset from a single button, which on the C900 is cleverly built into the crown.

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New Options for the IWC Portofino Replica

So the watch industry is in a bit of a bind – especially in places like the United States where wrist watch wearing isn’t as much a part of the culture as it is in Asia and to a large degree, Europe. The bind is that the “interested watch population” is smaller than it should be, media doesn’t really discuss it very well, and young people just aren’t as interested in watches as they could be. I say this with a straight face suggesting that young people really would like watches if they were more familiar with them. This isn’t a plea for mass social manipulation to get people wanting and buying something they otherwise wouldn’t want. This is about exposure and education in regards to something genuinely satisfying (of course I would say that).


Power-reserve: min. 50 hours

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The internal rotating bezel is operated via the left crown. It does not screw down and the bezel rotates smoothly without clicks. Functional types should prefer a rotating bezel with distinct notches, but it is fine this way for most purposes. Engineering a unique clicking system (like Bremont did with Roto-Click) would just increase the price of the watch a lot.

Maurice de Mauriac Watch Straps 2012 Luxury Items

The Heart And The Hand Of Watch Making At The Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair Shows & Events

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IWC Replica Portofino added a new series of single-button chronograph function

At 24 feet long the Deepsea Challenger is tiny compared to the famous Trieste vessel that made a similar journey in 1960. The mission 52 years ago spent only 20 minutes on the sea floor, but was able to go down that deep. This time around Cameron not only took footage of what he saw, but collected samples and other data for scientific purposes. The project was a joint effort between a series of sponsors who are eager to help rebound deep sea exploration (because apparently space is on hold). One of them of course is the almighty Rolex (who is no stranger to the deep).

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3X34CAHojM]

Tissot T-Race MotoGP 2012 Automatic Chronograph Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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Differences in Speedmaster Bezels

Sapphire crystals on top and display back with anti-reflective coating

Rolex Deepsea Challenge Watch Goes To Bottom Of The Ocean Watch Industry News

Precision chronographs seem to be on the mind of many watch makers this year. Tag Heuer certainly has their share of innovations and everyone seems to want to push forth into a territory people once thought of as "well if you need that kinda precision then get a digital watch." But I digress! Montblanc this year came out with a concept watch that competes with the Tag Heuer Mikrotimer 1/1000th of a second chronograph called the Timewriter II Chronograph Bi-Frequence 1000.

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