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There is a heft to the case that I enjoy. It feels nicer in your hand than what you might think from the pictures. The steel case is polished and brushed, and the sapphire crystal is raised like old acrylic lenses. The protruding section with the crown at 4 o'clock seems to add welcome character even if you don't understand where the design came from. While the look of the AM2 is composed, it still feels remarkably organic. Clearly this was not a design by committee, but by someone having a bit of experimental fun. The case is further water resistant to 100 meters. As for the crown, it does screw in, and sometimes the spring system catches a bit making it tricky to manually wind (if necessary).

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Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 SpaceX Chronograph Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Use of small round-cut stones can lead to a lot of sparkle, but can also create a blurry effect as details become hard to see. For example, look at the center of the Breguet Reine de Naples watch. It uses all round-cut stones and looks like a super shiny diamond soup. Use of square or rectangular-cut baguette diamonds is often a better choice when wanting to retain or create shapes. Most of these watches are professionally done and designed coming from the world's most respected brands. They certainly don't mess around when creating such full pave timepieces. Even the Franck Muller watch with its closely set stones uses baguette cut pieces upon close inspection.

The crystal contains a magnifying bump above the date.  This makes the date visible at a glance.  Some might see this as an unnecessary blemish on an otherwise perfect and symmetrical design but I believe that it is very functional and in time, I learned to appreciate and actually like this feature quite a bit.

The 657 S which I have had for a few years is 41mm wide in steel with a matte black PVD coating. The 857 and 857 S is sized up to 43mm wide and done in Tegimented steel. This is Sinn's name for their steel hardening process. This is a rather significant upgrade to the 857 over the 657. Other upgrades include  Sinn's "Ar" case dehumidifying capsule (which removes any moisture from inside the case to prevent the dial from fogging up), as well as a new "Captive pilot's bezel." This bezel is supposed to work better and be more secure than older versions. The case is also water resistant to 200 meters, highly anti-magnetic, as well as shock resistant.

Aside from the slightly larger size, the movement adds an increased power reserve over the original - up to 60 hours for the manually wound movement. It also adds a power reserve indicator. This latter complication is very useful to have in any manually wound movement and I think that it has been integrated tastefully and carefully into the dial. Lange designed the power reserve indicator like some day/night indicators on their other watches. It is diminutive yet useful. I however feel that an automatic version of the Datograph would be very welcome.

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Dimensions without lugs: 59mm long x 44mm wide x 17mm high

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Other new Sporting pieces include some new versions of the Sporting Chronograph Ceramic. These are hard to not like given their colorful rubber coated center links that come in either red or yellow. Ralph Lauren calls these "racing stripes" which ironically enough are not on their Sporting Automotive watch. Also about 45mm wide these matte black ceramic watches are pretty cool looking with their striped bracelets. It it also a way of RL making the pieces a bit more fun and light-hearted. What do you think about the fact that the bracelet has the dash of color but the dial is monochromatic?

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Each dial is very much reminiscent of the Reverso's historical look. The brand is careful to ensure that detailing is impressive by giving the dials machine engraving and crisp printing. The black colored dial also has luminant for night viewing. The best part is that the overall Reverso look is not only highly art deco in style, but also very legible and useful. It is hard to not be a Reverso fan. The design is timeless, looks good on most people, and even after all this time the flipping case concept is still fun. Others have tried to replicate the idea of a double sided watch, but no one does it better than JLC.

Phosphor has put their spin on the relatively new "Smartwatch" scene by designing something closer to an anti-smartwatch. As interesting and promising as smart watches look, the syncing and charging aspect is definitely a roadblock for some buyers that simply want a reliable and simple watch with some truly useful features. Plus, with the majority of new Smartwatches you will need a Bluetooth profile 4.0 capable phone. The results of the Touch Time Kickstarter project are already very positive and it seems that Phosphor may have struck gold in an attempt to update the digital watch archetype for a more modern wrist.

Legibility is really good, and there is lots of SuperLumiNova lume on the hands and hour markers. One of the main reasons I am such a fan of most Mille Miglia watches is the fact that Chopard keeps them easy to read. One element I have mixed feelings about is the placement of the 12 and 6 o'clock Arabic hour numerals on the bottom of the sapphire crystal. This is a look that I believe Chopard started in earlier Mille Miglia GTXL models. Given that this model is technically in the GTXL collection, it has them too. Basically Chopard uses thin outlined numbers over the dial. They look nice but are a tad bit distracting. At the same time they do add some depth to the dial. After wearing the watch for a while I hardly noticed them, but am not sure what value they add to the piece overall.

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You made it this far so I might as well talk about what the watch does. I am sure there are other Patek Philippe regulator style watches, but this is the first one that I have personally come across. Regulator style watches are thematically based on old reference clocks used by watch makers and other people who needed an accurate clock to use when setting other clocks and watches. These have separate dials for the hours, minutes, and seconds. The main dial is usually reserved for the seconds while the hour and minutes get subsidiary dials. Thin blued hands do a nice job against the metallic surfaces and railroad track style markers. I will mention it now because they did such a good job, but I love how Patek Philippe matched the color of the hands with a blue alligator strap on the case. Don't you love the design of the strap buckle? Totally retro-cool.

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Essay: An American High Schooler In Hong Kong That Loves Watches

Essay: An American High Schooler In Hong Kong That Loves Watches

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I mention all this to help explain some of the main reasons why people today are no longer wearing watches quite as much. They didn’t do it as kids, and the need or desire for a watch on their wrist isn’t built into their personality or perpetuated as much by society. Seeing people wear watches on TV is one thing, but what is really missing is personal and community experience.

The second way, is to use the GMT hand and the bezel to indicate your home time.  As you travel to different timezones, you can change to local time by unscrewing the crown and pulling it in the first position and turning it.  In this second usage mode, only two times are readable and since the bezel is not being used for timezone changes, it's not the most effective use of the watch's features.

Written by James Stacey

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 117 – Brazillian Watch Wax

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 117 – Brazillian Watch Wax

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Limited edition 125 pieces

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The next limited edition Hublot Big Bang watch is for women. To be honest, the Big Bang model has taken a back seat (this will most likely be changing soon) to other Hublot models when it comes to limited editions for men. The King Power has been favored for a while because of its larger size and more technical design. In 2012 Hublot re-released the Big Bang as a larger watch and modernized it a bit. Anyhow, this shiny Big Bang is for the ladies and has been done in collaboration with watch maker and retailer Zegg & Cerlati. Making limited edition models for retailers is a popular way of creating exclusivity and making retailers happy while giving them a reason to promote items to their customers.

Seeing the worlds of aviation and gaming come together is amusing. For this reason we created the above image of the typical Bell & Ross BR01 "spokesperson" (though he is usually quite silent due to the helmet) enjoying himself at the tables (original image credit here). The Bell & Ross BR01 Casino is limited to 100 pieces and are found in various Bell & Ross retailers around the world. If you are interested I am told that Horologio in Las Vegas (in the Venetian) has these watches in stock.

Zenith Pilot Montre d’Aéronef Type 20 Watch Hands-on With Video

Zenith Pilot Montre d’Aéronef Type 20 Watch Hands-on With Video