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Size wise things have grow up a bit, but nothing massive. The steel case is 43mm wide being 48mm including the crown. Pretty wearable, even with the large aggressive looking crown. Retained from the old Aquaracer watches is a similar looking steel bracelet, but there is a newly styled rubber strap. Trying to be different ("Swiss Avant Garde" - Tag Heuer catch line), they have placed a rubber coated bezel with a circular patten that looks pretty neat. I'd have to live with it for a while, but I feel good about the design of the watch overall. The bezel number indicators and  proprietary  screws on the bezel look equally nice. Legibility has always been a strong point with Tag Heuer and this is no exception. The hands and hour markers do a great job at jumping out at you, making the watch easy to read. Tag Heuer goes back to its claymore sword styled hands for this one. It works relatively well, though I wonder about how it would look with an hour hand that looks a bit different than the minute hand. Speaking of which the seconds hand is really something and ought to look impressive sliding along the periphery of the based. You'll no doubt notice that the date window is placed opposite where it normally is. This is to help balance out the bulk of the crown and make the face and case design look "even." Still, I wonder if functionality suffers and the placement of the date window on the right side of the face is purposeful being the first out of your sleeve for easy reference. There is also a magnifier cyclops over the date Rolex Submariner style.

Credit to film's cinematographer here.

The watch case is about 53mm wide and 40mm tall, while being 16mm thick. The textured rubber strap is a massive 30mm thick. The watch case itself is black IP (ion plated), or satin finished steel, for the front and rear between a plastic section where the buttons are located. Most of the colored buttons (olive green in this instance) are plastic. The  rubber strap is quite snugly attached to the case with the now popular hex screws to help add style. The Expedition WS4 is available in 6 fun colors, which is a nice option. Pictured is the all black model - which will no doubt be the major seller as it is the most neutral - but other color options are pretty nice looking (with yellow and orange being the loudest). You can almost think of these watches as being functional toys for adults - kids too, but around 0 might be a bit much for your 12 year old. While the strap is big and looks very tool-like, is comfortable and thin in depth. The buckle is thin and wide making it easy to strap on. Even on my less-than-giant hands, the instrument look of the watch is pretty neat looking. There are going to be a lot of people who are smitten by the accessible geek allure of this timepiece.

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More opinion than fact based things I have to say, as I really don’t know too much about the watch apart from basic marketing info and the video. And I have not seen one in the flesh. To me the best comment is done with the item on the wrist.

Bremont Supermarine 500 Watch: First Diver For Young Brand Watch Releases

One thing that I said about the Chapter One watch that is still true with the Chapter Two is the fact that the watch is both function and luxury oriented. For example, look at the rear of the watch were the two buttons are located to change the day and month — they are simple looking buttons that actually are labeled. You don’t see a lot of that on luxury watches. The fact that they are quick set buttons actually helps too, as opposed to putting everything into the crown, making adjustment of the watch a pain. Then you have the face of the watch itself. Clean, yet decorated, and features that have an emphasis on telling the time. The big date complication is nicely integrated, and the lack of separation between the windows helps remind you that two discs, instead of one are involved in telling the date. Then there of course is the luxury, such as the six sapphire crystals all over the watch making it easy to read and easy to appreciate.

Blancpain opted to go with a light weight titanium case for this large 48mm wide watch. Added to the case is a helium escape valve, which might be useful for a handful of you out there. The original watch is the Blancpain 50 Fathoms (actually not that deep). The newer watches retained the 50 Fathoms name, but Blancpain felt it was a good idea to up the values. I don't recall how deep a fathom is, but forget about it. The 500 fathoms is water resistant to 1000 meters. So don't go trying to make a value conversion from fathoms to feet now.

One of the new watches takes a case and covers it with vulcanized rubber, for one of the coolest looks of the new line. This style places a thin rubber coating on the surfaces of the watch. The look doesn't exactly make them appear "high-market" but it is functional, and protects the metal underneath. The Tiffany & Co. Mark T-57 had some watches that also experimented with use of vulcanized rubber. There is also the new bracelet/strap quick change feature. A clip on the watch makes these elements modular and easy to change. I like this a lot as depending on your mood or need, a diving watch needs to have a different strap. This is a great functional addition to the Aquatimer line.

Awesome Ernst Benz Chronoflite GMT Watch Watch Releases

Yes, I wrote about this watch before on The Omega Limited Edition Olympics watch for Vancouver in 2010 is just an awesome timepiece and was right to want it featured. The Canada flag colors of this watch and the cute little Olympic logo as the second hand's counter weight just make be very happy. Other than the engraved caseback, the watch is the same as the universally popular Omega Seamaster Professional 300m dive watch. Read the review on here.

My Omega Seamaster Professional 300m Limited Edition Vancouver 2010 Olympics Watch Article On Announcements
Omega Seamaster 300M 21230412003001 + Omega NATO Strap
Time Remaining: 1h 7m

The rotating bezel is yet one more aspect of this watch that I like. It's helpful, when you need to mark time. How many minutes are left on the parking meter? Set your watch bezel to avoid the ticket. I wish the bezel indicator was designed a little better, as the green or yellow dot in the center does not seem to fit. Everything else is subdued and mute, yet this big dot is marked upon the bezel. Next time, keeping with the mute colors would be a better design choice.

The display back shows a basic movement, with stamped faux-decorations. The movement is an ST-16, in house from Sea-Gull and cheerfully using ideas like Seiko-style winding. The base design of the movement is probably Miyota's 8200 series.

Longio Watches has been the back-bone of a few popular watch companies that you are probably aware of. While who they supply and work for is a secret, it is no secret that Longio makes watches under their own name now. They typically use a number of different brands (the Chinese never were very good at branding to conform with Western ideals), but there are some interesting pieces now being offered - several thousand dollar timepieces.

Also, Itay Noy watches are alternatively available at Ace Jewelers here.

My Tag Heuer Monaco 40th Anniversary Edition Watch Article On

My Tag Heuer Monaco 40th Anniversary Edition Watch Article On

This is not the first time I have discussed the new Tissot Sea-Touch watch based on the popular T-Touch line, but it is my article on it. The watch is pretty cool - especially if you are a diver. You can read a bit more detail here (that also links to another article of mine). I get pretty prolific when it comes to these T-Touch watches. They are just so fun to play with. The Sea-Touch takes all the touch screen glory and adds some diving only functions that probably work really well, though I don't know when I will have the opportunity to test them out. While it will be available in other colors, here you got to go for orange!

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Frederique Constant Maxime Manufacture Watch Collection At Basel + Video

Frederique Constant Maxime Manufacture Watch Collection At Basel + Video

The recently announced Perrelet Turbine watch (that I discussed here) has proved extremely popular, which is a good thing because this new video sheds more light upon this impressive timepiece. You get not only a great view of the watch in action, but a good understanding of how the double rotor system is engineered. Seeing the watch in the video in operation allows me to appreciate this desirable timepiece all the more.

With an impressive 100 meters of water resistance, a special Certina DS crown security system (to protect from damage), and an AR coated domed sapphire crystal, this is to be the value of the year for under ,000. The 316L grade steel case is 43mm wide, which is the perfect size for today's tastes. The case polish varies between high gloss and satin, which add visual depth and interest to face and bracelet. Also note the exhibition caseback window. You can't see it in the image above, but as this is a 'retro' themed watch design, Certina chose to stamp the brand older logo on the watch crown. Collectors like stuff like that. Look for the official release very soon.

Survivability in today's market? As I understand it this is a limited production, maybe a safeguard in itself. So what with it’s prestigious name, the technically superb self-winding Calibre 3126/3840 60hr reserve mechanical movement and sheer build quality, it will certainly still appeal to many.

Other brands should look to them as an example that works...

A. Lange & Söhne Factory Trip Part 2: The Luxury German Watch Manufacturing Process Inside the Manufacture

Bovet Saguaro Sportster Meteorite Watches

Bovet Saguaro Sportster Meteorite Watches

Would You Propose Marriage with a Watch?  If so, which? Feature Articles

The most notable new feature is the guilloche machine engraved dial. See the images for a closeup of the fine decoration that isn't at all distracting. It works very well with the substantial hour indicators. Best part is how the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock hour indicators are all faceted. Never cliche, the Diavolo is an extremely well polished watch. The mirror finish makes it a grandly assertive statement on your wrist - and at about 44mm wide, people will notice. While it features the same case as the chronograph version of the Diavolo is just feels so different. The dial of the watch has been influenced by one of my favorite luxury sport watches of all time, the Roger Dubuis Easy Diver SAW K10 watch. You'll notice the similar hour indicators. This is no accident, and Marcello C. specifically wanted to make sure it reminded people of one of the best looking diving watches out there. The difference is that while the Roger Dubuis is Swiss luxury watch priced in the many thousands of dollars - the Marcello C. Diavolo will be under 00 (including overnight shipping).

That's it! Once I get 750 valid confirmed comments, UPDATE: the winner will be chosen at random at the end of this June. Also, for legal reasons, all participants must be in the US (or have a place in the US where the watch can be shipped to). Sorry everyone else! If you don't win, you can still buy the watch, and Gnomon Watches does ship internationally.

The raised tile dial pattern has always looked good, and the simple rounded baton hands never looked more appropriate on a watch. Flip the watch over and check out the pirate ship engraved on the caseback. Well, maybe it isn't necessarily a pirate ship, it could just be a European galleon, but it sure could be a pirate ship, and with this watch you'll likely be feeling like you could man such a ship (at least I would). As this is a luxury watch the quality and finish is always top notch. Inside is an in-house Audemars Piguet calibre 2325 automatic mechanical movement. The date window utilizes a internal magnifier window as to keep the top of the sapphire crystal flat. The thick rubber strap has a matching Audemars Piguet signed deployment.